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Manage Docs Versions

Docusaurus can manage multiple versions of your docs.

Create a docs version

Release a version 1.0 of your project:

npm run docusaurus docs:version 1.0

The docs folder is copied into versioned_docs/version-1.0 and versions.json is created.

Your docs now have 2 versions:

  • 1.0 at http://localhost:3000/docs/ for the version 1.0 docs
  • current at http://localhost:3000/docs/next/ for the upcoming, unreleased docs

Add a Version Dropdown

To navigate seamlessly across versions, add a version dropdown.

Modify the docusaurus.config.js file:

export default {
themeConfig: {
navbar: {
items: [
type: 'docsVersionDropdown',

The docs version dropdown appears in your navbar:

Docs Version Dropdown

Update an existing version

It is possible to edit versioned docs in their respective folder:

  • versioned_docs/version-1.0/ updates http://localhost:3000/docs/hello
  • docs/ updates http://localhost:3000/docs/next/hello